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SpectrumPlotFilter Class Reference

#include <filter.h>

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Detailed Description

Spectrum plot filter.

Definition at line 591 of file filter.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool canBeHazardous () const
 Can this filter perform actions that are potentially a security concern?
virtual void clearCache ()
 Erase cache.
FiltercloneUncached () const
 Duplicate filter contents, excluding cache.
std::string getErrString (unsigned int code) const
 Get the human readable error string associated with a particular error code during refresh(...).
unsigned int getNumOutput (unsigned int streamType) const
 Get the number of outputs for the specified type during the filter's last refresh.
void getOutputData (std::vector< FilterStreamData * > *&getOut)
 Get the filter output data from this filter.
void getProperties (FilterProperties &propertyList) const
 Get the properties of the filter, in key-value form. First vector is for each output.
void getSelectionDevices (vector< SelectionDevice * > &devices)
 Get the selection devices for this filter. MUST be called after refresh().
unsigned int getType () const
virtual std::string getUserString () const
 Return a user-specified string, or just the typestring if user set string not active.
bool haveCache () const
 Have cached output data?
bool isEnabled () const
size_t numBytesForCache (size_t nObjects) const
 Get approx number of bytes for caching output.
bool readState (xmlNodePtr &node)
 Read the state of the filter from XML file. If this.
unsigned int refresh (const std::vector< const FilterStreamData * > &dataIn, std::vector< const FilterStreamData * > &getOut, unsigned int &progress, bool(*callback)(void))
 update filter
void setCaching (bool enableCache)
 Enable/disable caching for this filter.
bool setProperty (unsigned int set, unsigned int key, const std::string &value, bool &needUpdate)
 Set the properties for the nth filter. Returns true if prop set OK.
void setPropFromBinding (const SelectionBinding &b)
 Set internal property value using a selection binding (Disabled, this filter has no bindings).
virtual void setUserString (const std::string &str)
 Set a user-specified string.
virtual std::string typeString () const
 Return filter type as std::string.
void updateOutputInfo (const std::vector< const FilterStreamData * > &dataOut)
 Update the output informaiton for this filter.
bool writeState (std::ofstream &f, unsigned int format, unsigned int depth=0) const
 Dump state to output stream, using specified format.

Protected Attributes

bool cache
bool cacheOK
std::vector< SelectionDevice * > devices
 User interaction "Devices" associated with this filter.
bool enabled
 Is this filter active?
std::vector< FilterStreamData * > filterOutputs
unsigned int numStreamsLastRefresh [NUM_STREAM_TYPES]
 Array of the number of streams propagated on last refresh.
unsigned int progress
std::string userString
 User settable labelling string (human readable ID, etc etc).

Private Attributes

float a
bool autoExtrema
float b
float binWidth
float g
bool logarithmic
float maxPlot
float minPlot
unsigned int plotType
float r
std::vector< std::vector< float > > spectraCache

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