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 *    scene.h - Opengl interaction header. 
 *    Copyright (C) 2010, D Haley 

 *    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 *    (at your option) any later version.

 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *    GNU General Public License for more details.

 *    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
#ifndef SCENE_H
#define SCENE_H

#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>

class Scene;

//Custom includes
#include "drawables.h"
#include "lights.h"
#include "select.h"
#include "basics.h"
#include "viscontrol.h"
//cameras.h uses libxml2. libxml2 conflicts with wx headers, and must go last
#include "cameras.h" 

#include "textures.h"

//OpenGL debugging macro
#define glError() { \
            GLenum err = glGetError(); \
            while (err != GL_NO_ERROR) { \
                              fprintf(stderr, "glError: %s caught at %s:%u\n", (char *)gluErrorString(err), __FILE__, __LINE__); \
                              err = glGetError(); \
                        } \
            std::cerr << "glErr Clean " << __FILE__ << ":" << __LINE__ << std::endl; \
#define glError()

//!The scene class brings together elements such as objects, lights, and cameras
//to enable scene rendering
00054 class Scene
            //!Viscontroller. Needed for notification of updates during selection binding
00058             VisController *visControl;
            //!Objects that will be used for drawing
00060             std::vector<DrawableObj const * > objects;
            //!Objects used for drawing that will not be destroyed
00063             std::vector<const DrawableObj * > refObjects;

            //!Bindings for interactive object properties
00066             std::vector<SelectionDevice *> selectionDevices;

            //!Lights for use when drawing
00069             std::vector<Light const *> lights;
            //!Vector of camera stats
00071             std::vector<Camera *> cameras;

            //!Temporary override camera
00074             Camera *tempCam;

            //!Texture pool
00077             TexturePool texPool;

            //!Size of window in px (needed if doing 2D drawing)
00080             unsigned int winX,winY;

            //!Which camera are we using
00083             unsigned int activeCam;
            //!Is there a camera set?
00085             bool cameraSet;
            //!Aspect ratio of output window (x/y) -- needed for cams
00087             float outWinAspect;

            //!Blank canvas colour
00090             float r,g,b;

            //!OpenGL Frustrum control active? (prevents far-clipping of data)
00093             bool frustrumControl;

            //!Camera id storage and handling
00096             UniqueIDHandler camIDs;

            //!Cube that holds the scene bounds
00100             BoundCube boundCube;

            //!Computes the bounding box for the scene. 
            //this is locked to a minimum of 0.1 unit box around the origin.
            //this avoids nasty camera situations, where lookat cameras are sitting
            //on their targets, and don't know where to look.
            void computeSceneLimits();

            //!Tells the scene if we are in selection mode or not
00109             bool selectionMode;

            //!Tells us if we are in hover mode (should we draw hover overlays?)
00112             bool hoverMode;

            //!Is the camera to be restricted to only draw a particular portion of the viewport?
00115             bool viewRestrict;

            float viewRestrictStart[2], viewRestrictEnd[2];
            //!Last selected object from call to glSelect(). -1 if last call failed to identify an item
00120             unsigned int lastSelected;
            //!Last hoeverd object  
00123             unsigned int lastHovered;

            //!Should alpha belnding be used?
00126             bool useAlpha;
            //!Should lighting calculations be performed?
00128             bool useLighting;

            void applyGLExtentions();

            virtual ~Scene();

            //!Set the vis control
00139             void setViscontrol(VisController *v) { visControl=v;};
            //!Draw the objects in the active window. May adjust cameras and compute bounding as needed.
            void draw();

            //!clear rendering vectors
            void clearAll();
            //!Clear drawing objects vector
            void clearObjs();
            //! Clear the reference object vector
            void clearRefObjs();
            //!Clear object bindings vector
            void clearBindings();
            //!Clear lights vector
            void clearLights();
            //!Clear camera vector
            void clearCams();
            //!Set the aspect ratio of the output window. Required.
            void setAspect(float newAspect);
            //!Add a drawable object 
            /*!Pointer must be set to a valid (allocated) object.
             *!Scene will delete upon call to clearAll, clearObjs or
             *!upon destruction
            void addDrawable(const DrawableObj *);
            //!Add a drawble to the refernce only section
            /* Objects refferred to will not be modified or destroyed
             * by this class. It will onyl be used for drawing purposes
             * It is up to the user to ensure that they are in a good state
            void addRefDrawable(const DrawableObj *);
            //!Add a light 
            /*!Pointer must be set to a valid (allocated) object.
             *!Scene will delete upon call to clearAll, clearLights or
             *!upon destruction
            void addLight(const Light *);

            //!remove a drawable object
            void removeDrawable(unsigned int);

            //!Add a camera 
            /*!Pointer must be set to a valid (allocated) object.
             *!Scene will delete upon call to clearAll, clearCameras or
             *!upon destruction
            unsigned int addCam(Camera *);
            //!remove a camera object
            void removeCam(unsigned int uniqueCamID);

            //! set the active camera
            void setActiveCam(unsigned int uniqueCamID);

            //! get the active camera
00199             Camera *getActiveCam() { ASSERT(cameras.size()); return cameras[activeCam];};

            //! get the active camera's location
            Point3D getActiveCamLoc() const;

            //!Construct (or refresh) a temporary camera
            /*! this temporary camera is discarded  with 
             * either killTempCam or reset to the active
             * camera with another call to setTempCam().
             * The temporary camera overrides the existing camera setup
            void setTempCam();

            //!Return pointer to active camera. Must init a temporary camera first!  (use setTempCam)
00213             Camera *getTempCam() { ASSERT(tempCam); return tempCam;};

            //!Make the temp camera permanent.
            void commitTempCam();
            //!Discard the temporary camera
            void discardTempCam();

            //!Are we using a temporary camera?
00222             bool haveTempCam() const { return tempCam!=0;};

            //!Clone the active camera
00225             Camera *cloneActiveCam() const { return cameras[activeCam]->clone(); };

            //!Get the number of cameras (excluding tmp cam)
00228             unsigned int getNumCams() const { return cameras.size(); } ;

            //!Enable/disable frustrum control (prevents objects leaving the frustrum by resizing them)
00231             void setFrustrumControl(bool enabled=true) { frustrumControl=enabled;};

            //!Get the camera properties for a given camera
            void getCamProperties(unsigned int uniqueID, CameraProperties &p) const;
            //!Set the camera properties for a given camera. returns true if property set is OK
            bool setCamProperty(unsigned int uniqueID, unsigned int key,
                                          const std::string &value);
            //!Return ALL the camera unique IDs
            void getCameraIDs(vector<std::pair<unsigned int, std::string> > &idVec) const;

            //!Modify the active camera position to ensure that scene is visible 
            void ensureVisible(unsigned int direction);

            //!Set the active camera to the first entry. Only to be called if getNumCams > 0
            void setDefaultCam();

            //!Call if user has stopped interacting with camera briefly.
            void finaliseCam();

            //!perform an openGL selection rendering pass. Return 
            //closest object in depth buffer under position 
            //if nothing, returns -1
            unsigned int glSelect(bool storeSelection=true);

            //!Add selection devices to the scene.
            void addSelectionDevices(const std::vector<SelectionDevice *> &d);

            //!Clear the current selection devices 
            void clearDevices();

            //!Apply the device given the following start and end 
            //viewport coordinates.
            //Returns true if viscontrol needs to be externally refreshed
            void applyDevice(float startX, float startY,
                              float curX, float curY,unsigned int keyFlags, 
                              unsigned int mouseflags,bool permanent=true);

            //!Set selection mode true=select on, false=select off.
            //All this does internally is modify how drawing works.
00270             void setSelectionMode(bool selMode) { selectionMode=selMode;};

            //!Set the hover mode to control drawing
00273             void setHoverMode(bool hMode) { hoverMode=hMode;};

            //!Return the last object over whichthe cursor was hovered  
00276             unsigned int setLastHover(unsigned int hover) { lastHovered=hover;};
            //!Get the last selected object from call to glSelect()
00278             unsigned int getLastSelected() const { return lastSelected;};
            //!Return the last object over whichthe cursor was hovered  
00281             unsigned int getLastHover() const { return lastHovered;};
            //!Duplicates the internal camera vector. return value is active camera
            //in returned vector
            unsigned int duplicateCameras(vector<Camera *> &cams) const; 

            //!Return the unique ID of the active camera
            unsigned int getActiveCamId() const;

            //!Return any devices that have been modified since their creation
            void getModifiedBindings(std::vector<std::pair<const Filter *,SelectionBinding > > &bindings) const;

            //!Restrict the openGL drawing view when using the camera
            void restrictView(float xS,float yS, float xFin, float yFin);
            //!Disable view restriction
00295             void unrestrictView() { viewRestrict=false;};

            //!True if the current camera is the default (0th) camera
            bool isDefaultCam() const; 

            //!Set whether to use alpha blending
00301             void setAlpha(bool newAlpha) { useAlpha=newAlpha;};

            //!Set whether to enable lighting
00304             void setLighting(bool newLight) { useLighting=newLight;};

            //!Set window size
00307             void setWinSize(unsigned int x, unsigned int y) {winX=x;winY=y;}


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