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 *    viscontrol.h - Visualisation control header; "glue" between user interface and scene
 *    Copyright (C) 2010, D Haley 

 *    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 *    (at your option) any later version.

 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *    GNU General Public License for more details.

 *    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.


#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>
#include <list>
#include <stack>
#include <deque>

#include "wxPreprec.h"
#include <wx/treectrl.h>
#include <wx/grid.h>

#include "tree.hh"

#include "wxcomponents.h"

class VisController;

#include "scene.h"
#include "filter.h"
#include "plot.h"


const unsigned int MAX_UNDO_SIZE=10;

//!Visualisation controller
 * Keeps track of what visualisation controls the user has available
 * such as cameras, filters and data groups. 
 * This is essentially responsible for interfacing between program
 * data structures and the user interface.
 * Only one of these may be instantiated at any time due to abort mechanism
00060 class VisController
            unsigned long long nextID;
            //!Target scene
00065             Scene *targetScene;
00067             Multiplot *targetPlots;
            //!Target raw grid
00069             wxGrid *targetRawGrid;
            //!UI element for selecting plots from a list (for enable/disable)
00071             wxListBox *plotSelList;

            //!Filters that provide and act upon data. filters.begin() is posfile.
00074             tree<Filter *> filters;
            //!Undo filter tree stack 
00077             std::deque<tree<Filter *> > undoFilterStack;

            //!Named, stored trees that can be put aside for secondary use
00080             std::vector<std::pair<std::string,tree<Filter *> > > stashedFilters;

            //!Unique IDs for stash
00083             UniqueIDHandler stashUniqueIDs;
            //!A mapping between wxitem IDs and filters TODO: Replace with uniqueID handler?
00085             std::list<std::pair<unsigned long long, Filter *> > filterTreeMapping;

            //!True if viscontrol should abort current operation
00088             bool doProgressAbort;
            //!True if viscontrol is in the middle of a refresh operation
00091             bool amRefreshing;

            //!True if there are pending updates from the user
00094             bool pendingUpdates;

            //!Maximum size for cache (percent of available ram).
00097             float maxCachePercent;

            //!Caching stragegy
00100             unsigned int cacheStrategy;

            //!internal function for the lading of a filter tree from its XML representation
            unsigned int loadFilterTree(const xmlNodePtr &treeParent, tree<Filter *> &newTree) const;

            //!Internal function for pointer deletion from stack during refreshing filter tree
            void popPointerStack(std::list<const FilterStreamData *> &pointerTrackList,
                        std::stack<vector<const FilterStreamData * > > &inDataStack, unsigned int depth);

            void clear();
            //!Return filter pointer using the filter id value    
            Filter* getFilterByIdNonConst(unsigned long long filterId) const;

            //!Retreive the updates to the filter tree from the scene
            void getFilterUpdates();

            //!Used to remove potentially hazardous filters 
            //(filters that can do nasty things to computers, like executing commands)
            //which may have come from unsafe sources
            void stripHazardousFilters(tree<Filter *> &tree);

            //!Does a particular filter tree contain hazardous contents?
            bool hasHazardous(const tree<Filter *> &tree) const;

            //!Push the current filter tree onto the undo stack
            void pushUndoStack(); 
            //!Call to get viscontrol to abort current operation. Call once per abort.
00132             void abort() {ASSERT(!doProgressAbort);doProgressAbort=true;} ;

            //!Call to set window to be partially excluded (wx dependant) from blocking during scene updates
            void setYieldWindow(wxWindow *win);
            //!Set the backend scene
            void setScene(Scene *theScene);
            //!Set the backend plot
00139             void setPlot(Multiplot *thePlots){targetPlots=thePlots;};
            //!Set the listbox for plot selection
00141             void setPlotList(wxListBox *box){plotSelList=box;};
            //!Set the backend grid control for raw data
00145             void setRawGrid(wxGrid *theRawGrid){targetRawGrid=theRawGrid;};
            //!Load the ion set - returns nonzero on fail TODO: Remove me?
            unsigned int LoadIonSet(const std::string &name, unsigned int &totalProgress,
                                    unsigned int&filterProgress, const Filter* &curFilter);
            //!Write out the filters into a wxtreecontrol.
            void updateWxTreeCtrl(wxTreeCtrl *t,const Filter *visibleFilter=0);
            //!Update a wxtGrid with the properties for a given filter
            void updateFilterPropertyGrid(wxPropertyGrid *g,unsigned long long filterId);
            //!Add a new filter to the tree
            bool addFilter(Filter *f, unsigned long long parentId);

            //!Move a branch of the tree to a new position
            bool reparentFilter(unsigned long long filterID, unsigned long long newParentID);
            //!Duplicte a branch of the tree to a new position. Do not copy cache,
            bool copyFilter(unsigned long long toCopy, unsigned long long newParent,bool copyToRoot=false);

            //!Set the properties using a key-value result (as obtaed from updatewxPropertyGrid)
             * The return code tells whether to reject or accept the change. 
             * need update tells us if the change to the filter resulted in a change to the scene
            bool setFilterProperties(unsigned long long filterId, unsigned int set,
                        unsigned int key, const std::string &value, bool &needUpdate);

            //!Retrieves a filter by its ID (TODO: Refactor. Try to minimise filter pointer exposure. Use ID values where possible)
            const Filter* getFilterById(unsigned long long filterId) const;
            //!Remove an element and all sub elements from the tree, 
            void removeTreeFilter(unsigned long long id);
            //!Force an update to the scene. 
            //Overall progress give the progress for all filters, as a numeral (1 of n)
            //filterprogress gives the progress within a filter, as a percentage
            //curFilter gives the current filter, or the latest filter if exiting
            //on error. if == 0, then scene update has been initiated
            unsigned int updateScene(unsigned int &overallProgress, 
                  unsigned int &filterProgresss, const Filter* &curFilter); 

            //!Refresh the entire filter tree. Whilst this is public, great care must be taken in
            // deleting the filterstream data corrrectlty. To do this, use the "safeDeleteFilterList" function.
            unsigned int refreshFilterTree(unsigned int &overallProgress, 
                              unsigned int &filterProgress, const Filter* &curFilter,
                              std::list<std::pair<Filter *, std::vector<const FilterStreamData * > > > &outData);

            //!Safely delete data generated by refreshFilterTree(...). 
            //a mask can be used to *prevent* STREAM_TYPE_blah from being deleted. Deleted items are removed from the list.
            void safeDeleteFilterList(std::list<std::pair<Filter *, std::vector<const FilterStreamData * > > > &outData, 
                                                unsigned long long typeMask=0, bool maskPrevents=true) const;

            //!Return the number of filters
00195             unsigned int numFilters() const {return filters.size();};

            //!Set the camera to use in the scene
            bool setCam(unsigned int uniqueID) ;

            //!Remove a camera from the scene
            bool removeCam(unsigned int uniqueID);

            //!Add a new camera to the scene
            unsigned int addCam(const std::string &camName);

            //!Update a wxtGrid with the properties for a given filter
            void updateCamPropertyGrid(wxPropertyGrid *g,unsigned int camUniqueId);
            //!Return the number of cameras
            unsigned int numCams() const ;

            //!Set the properties using a key-value result (as obtaed from updatewxPropertyGrid)
            /*! The return code tells whether to reject or accept the change. 
            bool setCamProperties(unsigned long long camUniqueID, unsigned int set,
                              unsigned int key, const std::string &value);

            //!Set the filter user text
            bool setFilterString(unsigned long long id , const std::string &s);

            //!Ensure visible
            void ensureSceneVisible(unsigned int direction);

            //!Invalidate the cache of a given Filter and all its children. set to 0 to invalidate all.
            void invalidateCache(const Filter *filt);

            //!Save the viscontrol state: writes an XML file containing the viscontrol state
            //TODO: Currently there is no mechanism to switch between
            //absolute and relative paths. It might be an idea to
            //extend this to create a "package" that you can move
            //between machines or systems neatly.
            bool saveState(const char *filename) const;

            //!Load the viscontrol state. 
            bool loadState(const char *filename, std::ostream &f,bool merge=false); 

            //!Get the camera ID-pair data TODO: this is kinda a halfway house between
            //updating the camera data internally and passing in the dialog box and not
            //should homogenise this...
            void getCamData(std::vector<std::pair<unsigned int, std::string> > &camData) const;

            //!Get the active camera ID
            unsigned int getActiveCamId() const;

            //!export given filterstream data pointers
            unsigned int exportIonStreams(const std::vector<const FilterStreamData *> &selected, 
                                                const std::string &outFile, unsigned int format=IONFORMAT_POS) const;
            //!Return all of a given type of filter from the filter tree
            void getFilterTypes(std::vector<const Filter *> &filters, unsigned int type);

            //!Returns true if the filter is in the midst of a refresh
00253             bool isRefreshing() const {return amRefreshing; }

            //!Inform viscontrol that it has new updates to filters from external sources (eg bindings)
00256             void setUpdates() { pendingUpdates=true;};

            //!Returns true if the scene has updates that need to be processed
00259             bool hasUpdates() const {return pendingUpdates;} ;

            //!Force a wipe of all caches in the filter tree
            void purgeFilterCache();

            //!Create a new stash. Returns ID for stash
            unsigned int stashFilters(unsigned int filterID, const char *stashName);

            //!Add a stash as a subtree for the specified parent filter
            void addStashedToFilters(Filter *parentFilter, unsigned int stashID);

            //!Delete a stash using its uniqueID
            void deleteStash(unsigned int stashID);

            //!Retreive the stash filters
            void getStashList(std::vector<std::pair<std::string,unsigned int > > &stashList) const;

            //!Retreive a given stash tree by ID
            void getStashTree(unsigned int stashId, tree<Filter *> &t) const;

            //!Write out the filters into a wxtreecontrol.
            void updateWxTreeCtrlFromStash(wxTreeCtrl *t, unsigned int stashId) const ;
            //!Write out the filters into a wxtreecontrol.
            void updateStashPropertyGrid(wxGrid *g, unsigned int stashId, const Filter *stashFilter) const ;

            void updateRawGrid() const;

            //!Set the percentage of ram to use for cache. 0 to disable
            void setCachePercent(unsigned int percent); 

            //!Make the filter system safe (non-hazardous)
            void makeFiltersSafe();

            //!return true if the viscontrol contains hazardous filters
            bool hasHazardousContents() const ;

            //!restore top filter tree from undo stack
            void popUndoStack();

            //!Get the size of the udno stack
00299             unsigned int getUndoSize() const { return undoFilterStack.size();};

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